Mamma mia - gift ideas for Mother's Day May 02 2016

It's soon Mother's Day and I can't wait to see what my almost 4 year old will do, as this year I think he'll understand for the first time mummy is being celebrated. It is such an interesting journey to see him grow to a small boy he is now from a toddler he was just yesterday.

Then there's the 5 month old. He for sure will blissfully ignore the whole celebration - but in return is the sunniest son a mum could hope for. From the way I see it, I couldn't ask for more for my Mother's Day than what I already have: 2 healthy and happy sons.

But I do think all mother's should be celebrated, so I do expect some pampering too! What can I say - women are contradictory! ;) So I'm hoping my husband will put in a little effort - it's not the gift but the tought that counts.

And there's my mum and our nonna to be remembered too! So here's what I think of giving to these two special ladies, to my mum and to my mother-in-law. I hope these tips can work well for you too when choosing the way you want to remember your loved ones.

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