Scandiliving May 25 2016

And now let's check out the living rooms in Scandinavia. Here a fee examples I liked. They're all very airy and light, filled with a lot of natural light (much appreciated due to the dark and long winters). Also, often there are no curtains in the windows, but the window sill is very nicely decorated to give the same feel of a fully furnished room where also the details have been tought out - as the curtains would do. I like this a lot. Actually, that's what I've done at my home too.
Notice also how very personal spaces these living rooms are. They tell a story about the people living in the apartment. Many details might be found in other living rooms too, but everyone of these are a room of their own and not a copy of another.

Let's check them out!

Familiar to me: Kivi candleholders by Iittala on the table, cotton ball lights by the mirror...

The same room, different angle. Love the very personal posters and the all time fave of mine: the Block lamp. Lanterns, candles and greens also follow the trends in Scandinavia.

You don't always have to create seating in the corners of the room - this looks lovely. Aalto vase is in the spotlight.

Tipical colours: black, wihte and grey. Also the lovely cotton ball lights can be found here too!

Very simple and elegant. Vakka boxes by Iittala as tables work well in this space!

Daybeds are a huge hit. This room is very serene and I like the DIY table - on it a glass dome which seem to be found in a lot of homes too. It's a good way to highlight a chosen detail.

We'll continue our tour on Scandinavian homes soon!

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