Scandinavian design at it's best! September 13 2014

I was searching the web to find something new amongst the many beautiful wooden structures in Scandinavia. When I found Villa Mecklin, I was stunned of its simplicity and beauty and of the way it sat on the landscape being a part of it. It's built on the Finnish archipelago and the external wood is not treated: the colour will get more and more grey in time hiding the building on the island. Here are some photos for you too!


The stunning view

View from the roof


Look at the genial idea to have a built-in fireplace on your terrace! You can stay outside for all night as you're covered from the possible wind by the structure of the villa. 

The fireplace opened


The pit can be closed when you're done with it, and during the day you'll have no obstacles to avoid.



Look at how the villa almost grows from the surrounding nature, not separated from it. Stunning! 



On the inside the villa continues with the same pure, simple lines as outside making the whole structure cohesive. A true beaty - what a great place to relax with family and friends!

Living room