All about Sauna September 30 2014

While I'm trying to recover from the worst cold I've had in years, I can only think of one thing. Sauna. Sauna. Sauna.

It must be obvious I don't have one at home - like I would had I stayed in Finland. You might say the weather in Italy does not really require one. You're right. But I'm a Finn! I can go without for a long while, but when you get to this state of salute, I can only think of how great it would be to jump into a hot sauna to recover from this flue.

So I searched the web for some sauna pictures, just to torture myself a little bit more... Here are some examples I found. Which one do you prefer? I'd vote for the traditional one (first two pictures), but would accept anything right now! ;) Do you know the difference between the first two saunas?

Have a nice and healty week you all!