The iconic Alvar Aalto vase October 13 2014

Has been produced since 1936, when the famous architect and designer Mr Aalto came across with the idea to use as ispiration some clothing from Sami-women. Sami are an indegineous popolation of Lappland, most of which is situated in Northern Finland, together with Sweden, Norway and small parts of Russia.

The iconic vase, also known as Savoy vase, is still mouth-blown, and it takes a team of 7 people accross the different blowing stages - a true team effort! And that's just one part of the production process, which takes 30 hours to produce just one glass vase.

Personally, it took me time to understand this beauty well. I had always seen it in houses, most of the Finns have them, but didn't pay that much attention. When it hit me finally, it hit me hard.

This vase was produced in 1936 - between the two World Wars. I cannot immagine, how hard life must have been back in those days, but it's truly a triumph to see such beauty coming out of such difficult period.

Take a look at the vase quickly? Doesn't it seem like it could have been produced yesterday? Yes it does! A design of 1936 was so much ahead of it's time and still it continues to be contemporary. Amazing!

It still remains one of the most famous glass objects on the planet today.

It is part of a design collection on PERMANENT display in MoMA.

It's on my table every day. I use it for flowers, for a small Christmas tree I decorate for the holidays and it's a unique piece of art when empty. Use your imagination - this vase will transform to anything you please!