Almost November, the dullest Nordic month October 21 2014

I've lived abroad for quite some time now. Yet internally I seem to be following somekind of Nordic mindmap. At the change of September to October I don't feel it that much - well the weather in Italy is actually really good for most part of the autumn - but when October starts to turn into November, I get some chills. No relation whatsoever to what's going on weatherwise in Italy. But yes, what is going on up in the North... Look at these pictures.



And yes. That's what it is. Grey, dark, with little or no sun at all. No snow either, for god's sake! You go ahead with the tought of Christmas, or at least most of us do, as it brings some light to the neverending story of winter. I at least fantasied of Merry Christmases like the one in the video of Last Christmas by Wham. All fun, friends and family, snow too!

Having read that you've had to come to the conclusion that it must be really, really hard to overcome winter in Scandinavia. Right.

It must be for this reason we invented all kinds of parties before Christmas Holidays. 'Little Christmas', 'Small Christmas'... they're called and all working environments, friends, associations and other groups more or less organized arrange this event during November and the beginning of December. Party all along! Heavy on the liver I'd say...

I personally preferred to stay inside as much as possible and didn't go out (nor to too many Little Christmas parties either) but preferred candlelight, good food and a film or a great book. We burn tons of candles in Scandinavia, and I'm sure you can immagine why. They lift up the spirits and give warmth of real fire, that reminds us of sun. Fireplaces are very important, and it's great you can install ecological fireplaces in apartments without chimneys.

Lighting is big too. I haven't seen such dedication to where, how and what kind of lighting one should use than in Scandinavia. But now I understand why! Look at the pictures above  - isn't it clear how much we're in need of lights in the darkest months of the year?

Not all of us suffer this period of the year, luckily. The non-suffering lucky ones fly to Thailand or other warm countries for 2 weeks or so to charge their batteries with solar energy! :D