Through November with the thought of Christmas November 08 2014

So we go ahead the dull November concentrating on what brings us some light to the dark: Christmas. How to decorate this year? What to cook and to bake? To go with the traditions or try something new? Candles. Candles. Candles. Mulled wine, gingerbread cookies, the perfume of carnations, cinnamon and hyacinth filling the air.


Birch love.


Kastehelmi votives here on the right are sooo beautiful. 


Hyacinths were all over my childhood home - mum gave one to each room for us kids too. We all stll love that perfume and can't go through Christmas without it. Mum made us a gingerbread house too. Loved every part of the process.I still want to do it every year. Some of us are more able, than others, I see.. look at this beauty.















Which kind of a Christmas tree we should get this year? Just a branch of a tree, an entire spruce or a modern version of a one?









All these are nice, but LOVE the one on the wall with lights on it. A great pick to anyone with kids!

How to wrap up the gifts? This was a special task at home when I was growing up, obviously the one who had the honor to participate to gift wrapping had to be old enough to not believe in Santa Claus anymore (hey - why did they choose me? I still do ;) ). The wrapping itself was done with great care and we always tried to do our best to make all the gifts look as beautiful as possible. We did all of this secretly, of course. Nobody was to discover their gifts in advance! That made the gift wrapping all the more important.

How to decorate the house? It is really, really important in the Nordic countries. At my home, we changed almost all textiles from curtains to tablecloths just for the Holidays. The house was dressed up for Christmas - I can tell you my mom was really, really good at this. Still is. It's like we're all, us children I mean, waiting for Christmas at her home, still, even if we have our own families and homes to decorate by now. She's just that good to give the home that magical Christmas touch. 

I've always loved glass pinecones and acorns for Christmas. This goes back to my grandma's decorations. Her Christmas tree were filled with them, so I can't do without. 
Neither can I go without the rotary candleholder - this one I have bought some time ago from Helsinki and it reminds me from the traditional angel chimes we had at my childhood home.


I'm only happy when I feel like I was able to bring home some of that Christmas magic I felt my childhood home had, thanks to my mom. I could go on endlessly about the details, the textiles, the decorations... These are just a few suggestions for you to built up a Nordic Christmas at your home too. I hope you like them, they're so close to my heart!