Christmas Gifts December 02 2014

Haven't yet decided what to give for your loved ones this Christmas? Here are a few humourous tips from us! 

Let's start from the most difficult ones: the mother-in-law. Scary, huh? ;) Not to worry! Magisso is the perfect choise for a cooking loving italian Mamma! Look at these beautiful, and practical products:

THE cake server. The coolest I've ever seen, and a winner of an important design award: the red dot design award. And you'll have the perfect piece of cake - every time. We have a version in food grade ABS too, which is lighter on the wallet and works as well as this beauty here in steel.

Or the magical Magisso balloon whisk. Held together by magnets, it's easy to be cleaned up, and the light weight makes it a joy to use! My mother-in-law went crakers for this one.

Or could choose to go with whatever Tonfisk Design has to offer - beautiful, quality tableware in ceramics, glass and wood. Their designs are unique. Look at these: MURSKA² mortar & pestle is even better live than in the pictures! The Shadow wine and water carafe is a stunning gift for anyone, and it can be accompanied by Shadow glasses which have the same design as the carafe.



OMA lemon squeezer, black or white, is the cutest gift for any cooking loving person!

Could go for some quality textiles too. Lapuan Kankurit products are awesome. Treat them well and you'll be able to pass them on to the next generation! So, this great apron to your husband to be - there's no wasting a great textile if it doesn't stay in the family! ;)

For the father-in-law, a brother or to your father we suggest something unique, but practical. Most men appreciate that. For example a handmade product. A wooden bowl or perhaps a wine bottle holder... Truly a special gift! 



 For a good friend or a sister: the closest people around us never expect big gifts nor grand gestures, but they do appreciate quality and thought. There's no better choice than Kastehelmi votive by Iittala. Whenever they'll lit the heart of the candle they'll think of you.

For a baby? These handmade ceramic angel dresses are too cute.

To your girlfriend? Every girl wants to look good at any weather so maybe these cool rubber boots from Nokian Footwear or an unique cushion cover, just like she is.
















 The last but not the least suggestion for the person dearest of all. Your mom. She's the one you should spend all the time and thought in the world for. We suggest something very special to a special person like her. Either the Alvar Aalto vase or this table cloth from Lapuan Kankurit. Both of undeniable beauty and quality - just like your mom.