Candle time! December 29 2014

It finally got cold and wintery here in Italy too. It may not be the nicest periods of the year for most of the people, but actually I don't mind that much. The sky is clean and it's sunny, although the temperatures might go down a bit... but this is the perfect time of the year to lit up some candles! In the Nordic countries we do it all year around actually, they're so beautiful and also romantic. But they also give your style that little yet important touch to complete it all. You can play with the colors, forms, settings and create new looks for your spaces.  Here a few pictures to get some ideas.

Nappula by Iittala is a definite must, one of the most versatile candleholders on the market. They'll look cool with or without candles.


This lantern by Broste Copenhagen is great for in- and outdoors. Copper finished, it's the perfect choice for the coming year!


Kastehelmi votives are my personal favourites. Like in the photo, they can be used alone to set the wanted style or grouped together to create an unique look to any space. Or you could serve some snacks like candy from them, use them as pots like the clear votive down here in the picture. So cool!


Have a cozy, candlelit evening!



Pictures from Pinterest.