Cheer up the interiors with less January 06 2015

Would you like to change  the look of your home, but you budget is limited? Here are a few suggestions from us.

1. Buy a nice vase or use and old one in a new way. They can have a big effect on a room and you can choose to use them in many ways: for flowers or branches, or they can be merely decorative too. You could gather some together for a small collection, for example on a small coffee table and you can change their places to create a differend mood for the space. Get some smaller, others bigger... Endless possibilities!

Here an Aalto vase used for kitchen utensils. Cool!

Got mine out to the table as soon as I saw this picture. :)


2. Change some of the textiles in the house. A few new cushion covers, an unexpensive carpet... You could also recycle the existing textiles for other uses if you're into DIY: a tablecloth or a new cushion cover from a textile you tought you wouldn't use and ta-dam: a great change to a space!


This carpet I've placed in my sons room.


3. Create a picture collection. You could use existing frames (add some color if needed) or find them from a flee-market. Use pictures, prints, cuts from newspapers or such, your childrens artistic productions or whatever you find interesting enough. Remember to hang your favourite ones to the eye level. 


4. Hang some of the beautiful plates you keep hidden in the cupboard to a wall. You get a few unexpensive ones from a flee market too. You'd be suprised how good also the ones you don't like will look on the wall!


5. Change some light fixtures. Adding a simple brass lamp like above makes a world of a difference. You could add something more unexpensive, like in the string lights in the picture below. A lot of atmosphere with less!

6. Change a few kitchen towels to new ones. An unexpensive, yet an effective way to change the look of your kitchen! I'm personally in love with these Triano-towels by Lapuan Kankurit, on the right in the picture below.


7. Paint a blackboard on a wall or on a piece of wood. If you have kids, better yet! The tiny little artists will create something new for you everyday! You could use toned-down colors in an room for adults.


These are just a few suggestions, but you can do so much with little at home - your immagination is the only limit! So be creative and most of all - have fun while styling your home!



Pictures from Pinterest.