Prints and Posters February 01 2015

I'm currently trying to give a change of look to my home. Sometimes, it's the little changes that make a difference - oh well can't change the furniture like pants, right? But that's exactly why I started to look for some prints and posters. They don't cost much, but have a big effect in a chosen space. Through a mutual friend I got in touch with Hammi's Design in Finland, and I was hooked immediatelly. She actually hand-draws and paints all the images (they're only slightly moderated to make sure the print corresponds to the original design) which later are print on to a individually selected paper for every one of her works. Amazing, right? Well so is her work. The beautiful images take inspiration from the surrounding nature, architecture or are merely products of her imagination. She graduated on environmental science and started her own consultating agency, but later on decided integrate her drawing and painting passion to her business. She wants to spread joy and happiness through her work and that's exactly what we wanted to give to you too! Here are some examples of her work, which we are selling on our website

Into the Light


Baby Boy




Princess and Prince at a ball



Pictures from Pinterest.