Nordic interiors now February 15 2015

Maybe a little late, I've been through some magazines and blogs about the Nordic trends for this year in interiors. Generally they all follow somewhat the same general line. I'm listing here what I like the most!

Green indoor plants. Lovely, refreshing and cool. If you don't want to have a plant or are allergic, go with this cup or plant prints which are another big hit for the year.


Prints. Print walls. Still in, still love them! Check out our hand-drawn print collection.

Wood. What can I say. I can't say I'm from Finland, if I say I don't appreciate wood in all of its forms. Combine it with different materials like metal and leather and you've updated the whole look! 

Metals. Brass and copper stil going on strong, and why not? Now chrome comes back again, and it's even cooler to mix them! Stay in the Nordic vibe and remember that less is more.

Pastels are still a great choice, but also strong colours like orange and yellow can give that fresh touch to your room! Solve both the problems with this lovely Broste Copenhagen cushion cover or add a touch of light to kitchen with quality teatowels by Lapuan Kankurit. 

Blue is coming back slowly. We suggest small additions like this poster or these cute cotton string lights. This vase of Alvar Aalto is greyish, so it's the perfect choice! My personal favourite is Kastehelmi votive, and if you still hesitate using blue, stay trendy and go with this small ceramic bird. Check out some bluish ideas from this home.

Marble was in before and continues to be also this year. We recommend using small amounts of it here and there, like with this cool marble plate, which you can use in many ways! In kitchen as a cheese plate or as a cutting board, but you could offer meals from it too, such as sushi etc. It makes a great centerpiece too, with candleholders, flowers or with whatever you'd like to highlight!

Leather and if weathered, all the better! Natural shades are the best. Look at the photo below with that simple leather bag - you don't really need more!

Unicoloured walls. The accent walls are gone, now you should paint all the walls with one colour. Grey is a great choice: you can match the Nordic pastels with it easily, but I'm guessing white will be the most popular (and the easiest) choice.



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