Kitchen re-make April 13 2015

Actually we're about to get some new pieces to our kitchen. We had quite a lot of naughty looking 'injuries' to it, and we're happily suprised when we found out the producer would make all the necessary changes to the kitchen as it was still in guarantee. Here some before pictures.

From a short distance it doesn't look bad - plain B&W kitchen with 'toddler stoppers' opened up (you know what I mean! ;) ).

The close-ups however tell you the whole truth...

The dishwasher

One of the doors

A little bit more of the damage...

This is what you see when you open up the dishwasher... Well' you get the idea.

The team is about to arrive to substitute most of the kitchen. As we are in Italy, I'm sure to expect surprises along the way. Let's just hope they're not too many! :) I'll update you on that and will publish the after pictures as soon as we're done with it all!