Update on kitchen re-make April 14 2015

So the team arrived and checked out the work they were supposed to do. In 2 hours, as they had been told in advance. It was clear to me and to the team there was no way this was going to happen - the whole kitchen needs to be taken down and then built up again... It wasn't their fault though. The check up to see the extension of the damages on last August (!!!!) was done properly and it was written down it would take a days work in the kitchen. However, the producer had informed the assembling firm it would take only 2 hours (the team said 'to save money'). So we're supposed to stay on hold until they can book us another date for the assembly. I remind you we have a 3 year-old in the house, and most of the stuff is packed in boxes and put in the garage. 


Bedroom deco details

And a kids bedroom ornament

I have nothing against the assembly firm. They tried to do what they could. I still can't put in the stuff as we could have them back again tomorrow and if the kitchen is not empty we risk it will take days or even more to get everything done. Well we'll see what happens next...