Invited to Finnish Embassy in Rome May 03 2015

I was invited to a big event in the Finnish Embassy in Rome, which was dedicated to Finnish food. It was directed to Italian journalists and media rappresentatives, and I brought in some design products to the event. Obviously we ate truly well and a lot - that part of the dinner seemed like an italian feast - and many amazing finnish produce was presented in a way it should be presented. Had a taste of some of my childhood favourites, like raw, salted pike-perch (similar to gravlax) offered on rye bread with some butter and dill  - yammy - and slightly smoked salmon directly from Finland - you can immagine the taste! There was so much to eat I had to decline some dishes, unfortunately, as the food was tryly amazing! I took some pictures of the event before the tables were filled with food to be served, but here are also some pictures of the plates too!

Before you check out the pictures I'd like to thank the Embassy for the invitation and for the lovely evening! Special thanks to Kimmo Kettunen, the head chef of the Embassy.


In the picture: Kehrä tablecloth by Lapuan Kankurit and

birch diamonds & crystals by Valona Design


The stunning Tanssi plates by Iittala and a handmade birch bark basket



Other than the amazing antipasto, you can spot in the picture these unique, hand-carved wooden bowls by Emalipuu


And then... let's eat :)