A dream of a cabin in Finland with a big suprise! June 10 2015

I found these pictures online and was thinking that the shape of this cabin is slightly different to the ones I'm used seeing in Finland, but never the less, it looks kind of cool and wanted to find out more. The lovely interiors are really beautiful and tought out, and the whole cabin seems to have a dreamy and relaxing feel to it. Then I discovered what it's made of... It's actually built using four shipping containers - really. When you look at the pictures you'd never guess! The space is about 60m2 in all, plus a 54m2 terrace, so you do have a lot of space here. I'd love to spend my holidays in a cabin like this! The property had an old traditional sauna by the lake, which is why the cabin itself doesn't have a shower, and it would work well for me too. Enjoy the pictures and have a lovely day!



Pictures from  the blog of Krista Keltanen with her permission