ferm LIVING November 04 2015

We recently started on working with one of the most famous Scandinavian Design brands - the lovely ferm LIVING! Surely this world famous brand doesn't need too much of a presentation - I'm sure you already know them - and we are really proud to have their amazing products in our collection. Some of the items we ordered have already arrived but some will arrive by the end of the month. To celebrate the collaboration we are and will be having some discounts throughout the mont of November - be sure to check out our Facebook site and blog to be the first to see what's going on

I'll leave you with some pics of the products which will arrive later this month.


Square Rack, can be positioned both on teh ceiling and on the wall



Clothes Rack, comes in grey and black


Brass extinguisher


Rose Rabbit Baby Bedding


...just to mention a few!