Christmas Calendar - 1 December 01 2017

Traditionally in Scandinavia people open up the Christmas Calendar starting from the 1st of December to receive small gifts from all the litlle windows numbered from 1 to 24. The 24th is the biggest hatch with the biggest gift to celebrate the nativity of baby Jesus.

As the Christmas Calendars can and often are homemade, also we wanted to make one for you! There'll be one every day up until Christmas for you to follow. We'll tell some details about Scandinavian Christmas you might not be aware of yet, mostly Finnish as Finland is my home country, but they're somewhat the same in all around Nordic countries.

Also, to maintain the tradition, there will be a small gift in each and every window for you!


So let's start!


You probably know that the most traditional Christmas symbol in Scandinavia is the Christmas tree. Originally we used real candles in the tree - what a fire hazard! Eventually the electric candles took over. I still remember a TV add which run tens of times every day during the Holidays: 'Don't forget to put off the candles from your Christmas tree before going to bed'. Today many people want to use the real candles again.

The tree is traditionally decorated just before Christmas. In my family however, we prepare other decorations throughout home starting from the 1st of December but the tree will be brought in on the morning of the 24th. That's to say; work is done and Christmas can come in. That's how it felt actually when I was child. Christmas came in with the tree we children decorated in our pajamas. Such a great memory and a tradition I want to maintain with my kids.


In the 1st window you'll find the rotary candleholders. Our gift to you is a 15% discount on all rotary candleholders on stock. The code is 1DIC to obtain it. All our discount codes are valid until the 31st of December 2017.


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