Christmas Calendar - 3 December 03 2017

We serve dishes which are exclusively prepared for Christmas and not eaten at all during any other time of the year. That makes Christmas a bit more special too! Every country in Scandinavia has their special dishes but some are similar; gingerbread is eaten in every country. In the following picture you'll see stars of puff pastry, which are prepared in Finland each Christmas and when served with glögi, our mulled wine, they're always a success also here in Italy!


In the third window you'll find a 20% discount on all Lapuan Kankurit textiles on stock. They're a family company started out in 1917 weaving linen, wool and cotton which today ship their quality textiles to the most demanding clients in the world.

Your discount code is 3DIC, valid until the 31st of December and subject to availability.




Photo credit: @nettaloytynoja