Christmas Calendar - 6 December 06 2017

Our Independence Day is on the 6th of December. That's why also our Christmas Calendars always have a symbol, often the flag of Finland, to remind us about this important day.
This year our Independence Day is all the more important; we're celebrating 100 years of Independence! Yesterday also the Coliseum was illuminated in blue, the colours of our flag, and white to congratulate Finland of its centenary.
Your gift today is a 10€ discount on all the Aalto blue ultramarine vase 160 mm by Iittala. The vase has a special inscription on the bottom: Suomi 100 = Finland 100. This colour was especially created for the centenary, and as Iittala puts it: it's symbolizes the true charachter of the Finns. It a bold, strong yet a warm colour.
Use 6DIC at check out to obtain the 10€ discount on the vases. It's valid until the 31st of December 2017 and subject to availability.