Christmas Calendar - 8 December 08 2017

I often hear from people to have visited Finland in the colder months, like November and December that they were suprised and a bit disappointed to not have found any snow. Actually we Finns really hope and wish we'll have a 'white' Christmas = snow in the ground, and not a 'black' one. So it's not all that strange if you don't see it on Christmas either. Only in Lappland people can be quite sure to have a white Christmas!
In the eight window you'll find the newest Alvar Aalto Collection bowl. These rose gold coated bowls and platters are the centerpieces of the dinner table or the living room. The bowls make perfect gifts and can be used for salads or displaying fruit.
Your gift today is a 7€ discount on all orders on the Alvar Aalto Collection bowl rose gold 50 x 182 mm. The discount code is 8DIC andit's valid until the 31st of December and subject to availablity.