Koti Sleepover - Finnish Design showcase in Paris March 14 2017

2017 is a big year for Finland. We celebrate 100 years of Independence! In this occasion, the Istitute of Finnish culture in Paris hosts Koti Sleepover which brings the finnish summer cottage experience to the reach of anyone. Well almost. Koti in Finnish means Home, and the pop-up installation of these little cabins can host up to 12 people at a time. 
The ispiration to these cabins come from Aitta, which used to be detached from the actual home or house; they were mere sleeping cabins. People would gather to the main house for meals, and also in Koti Sleepover the breakfast will be served in a communal table. Linda Bergroth, the designer, really was able to catch the spirit of this summer cottage experience in the finnish way. It's a social experience to the point where you want, but if needed you can get in your own cabin for some quiet time and to relax. This is how it often actually works in Finland. 
What I mostly love about this installation, is the quality of it. In everything. Look at the detailed carpentering. Look at the colour choices. Look at the textiles, ceramics and lighting. Linda Bergroth handpicked the Finnish producers with whom to work in this stunning project and it shows.
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