Scandinavian Interior Trends 2017 January 26 2017

What's going on for this year's Interior Trends in Scandistyle - we took a look and gathered some images for you to get some inspiration from. Not much have changed since the last year - green plants are still a huge in, and maybe even more so as also Pantone's colour of the year is greenery. So if you want to be really trendy now, you should actually try and GROW the plants inside, not just buy a new one if the first one dies. ;)

We should see more silver together with the still on-going trend of brass, marble is still there... Velvet's a cool choice (not here in Italy for as far as I'm concerned: the hot summers and a warm velvety couch is not my ideal combo ;) ). Add some feathers to your deco, and voilà!

All natural materials are in: cotton, leather (if weathered, even better), baskets...

Last year I mentioned blue and grey walls, they're still in. More so, go for even more personalized look and you definitely hit the mark. Bohemian look is a great choise, it's warm and cosy which seems to be one of the things of the year. Go for vintage and it's easy to get this look.

Next some images of what the Interior Trends 2017 in Scandistyle look like. Be inspired and do your own thing! :)





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