Madesign is a lifestyle brand which is founded and run by a young Finnish couple. The main focus is on autenthic and unique interior design products.

Behind every product there's a passionate professonal who loves to use natural materials. Madesign supports the craftsmen by acquiring the products directly from them for a fair price and want to maintain the precious handicraft traditions.

Old and genuine Berber rugs are made with care and as they were not destinated to importation, they are of the highest quality: the quality and amount of wool used is much superior. This also means that each and every rug is unique and has variations in colour and shape, which is an indication of authencity. 

Every Madesign’s vintage rug is a handmade Berber rug. They come from various berber tribes, such as Beni Ourain. Every tribe produces these rugs according to their traditions. They all are handpicked in Morocco, area of Atlas by searching them personally or by the cooperatives of Madesign.

These beautiful and authentic vintage Berber rugs are care carefully cleaned to guarantee the highest quality to our clients.

 All Madesign rugs are shipped from Finland.