The grandson of a blacksmith, Sarpaneva uses his personal experience and rich Finnish history to tell his point of view through his art. A master of mixed materials, he works with glass, porcelain, cast-iron, textiles and graphic art. Gaining a reputation in the 1950’s for his unique designs, one his most famous works has become such a recognizable classic that it was featured on a Finnish postage stamp. This design is none other than his cast iron casserole pot for iittala. Drawing inspiration from his blacksmith grandfather as well as Finnish tradition, the iron pot is modern in shape but the traditional in materials such as the wooden handle and thick cast iron embrace the past. Sarpaneva is also the impressive graphic designer who created the “i-logo” for the iittala brand and is the winner of innumerable awards. Later in his career, Sarpaneva became a professor for Universities in London, Helsinki and Mexico and his art is featured in many museums around the world.