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Harri Koskinen’s frozen light bulb Block Lamp is a modern classic. Launched in 1997 by Design House Stockholm, it became an immediate worldwide success and became part of MoMA’s permanent collection in 2000. Block Lamp has received numerous design awards from the Design Plus Award to the Best New Product Awards at the Accent Show in New York, just to mention a few.

Block Lamp is formed of two hand-cast blocks which conceal a light bulb within a matte sandblasted bulb shape, creating the illusion of a common light bulb encased in glass. Since 2014, the Block Lamp is upgraded with a LED light bulb. 

This lamp can be placed to any chosen furniture from a bookshelf to a night stand and it looks great in a workspace and cool in a youngsters room.

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Size: 10 x 16 x 9 cm, LED bulb.

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