Kaasa fireplace 255mm


The Kaasa collection is composed of lanterns in two sizes and three colours. The designer Ilkka Suppanen has created a mood-setting, timeless collection for the home where ancient meets modern. This collection is Suppanen’s second ambient light designed for Iittala. Fireplace was launched in 2008.

The name Kaasa refers to a beacon that was crucial to sailors in the Bay of Bothnia in Finland.
Reminiscent of bonfires, these stone or wooden structures guided mariners in the right direction, or to good fishing grounds. In perilous times, a fire was lit on the kaasa to warn of the enemy’s approach. This forebear of the lighthouse has inspired Suppanen, a sailing enthusiast born in coastal Finland.

Suppanen comments: “Design is more about values than forms and colours. My aim was an archetypical, iconic gathering point. Rather like a large candle, I wanted this product to bring people together around light and warmth.

Kaasa’s base is made from brushed stainless steel. There is a flat ring of rubber at the base to hinder movement. The outer dome is mouth-blown glass. The inner shade is fire-resistant glass.
Kaasa burns 0.50 litres of bio-ethanol at a time; this will last for ca. 6 hours. Bio-ethanol is a byproduct of sugar production, and emits no odour when burnt.

Size: Ø 22cm (dome) x H:25.5cm

Delivery time: 2-3 weeks

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