Kaasa tealight candleholder, sand

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The elegantly round shape of Kaasa candleholder reflects gentle light. Kaasa tealight candleholder's outer part is mouth-blown glass while the inner part is made of polished stainless steel. To be used only with regular tea light candles. For indoor use only.

Designer Ilkka Suppanen, a keen sailor himself, was inspired by the vast amount of coloured guiding lights that help sailors safely on the very challenging coastal waters of Finland. The candleholder carries the same gentle feel of warmth and security as the lights at sea, and just as the colours of the signals are crucial, so is Kaasa’s rich, yet gentle colour palette carefully planned for creating ambience for the home.
The iconic, elegantly round shape of Kaasa is a small, poetic statue that reflects gentle light around the living room or dinner table. The beauty of the product comes alive when in use. The details are well thought out and the warm flame of the tealight candle plays in a lively way with the thin glass and metal base to create a beautiful, soft light.
“In dark and cold, you intuitively want to embrace the light and warmth source with your palms. I wanted to repeat the same inviting round shape. The shape is very simplified, and we focused a lot on the very details, the interesting colour palette from the extensive Iittala colour library as well as on the finest details of the shape to create the perfect mood,” says Ilkka Suppanen.

Size: 141x115mm

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